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VIP TIP’s When Buying a Pre-Owned vehicle.

  • Verify the dealer reputation and association with RMI and/or Naamsa.
  • Ask for proof of all previous owner and Service records.
  • Identify Year Model and ensure the description of the vehicle is correct.
  • View every single panel individually – this will point out if there are any signs of body repair work.
  • Ask for a declaration from the dealer if they did repair scratches and dents – and did they make use of a reputable autobody repair shop.
  • Condition of tyres and make compared to the mileage on the vehicle.
  • Interior – take time out to test all functionalities I.E. Airconditioner, Radio, heater, seatbelts- Make sure everything is in excellent working order – and that the trim and or leather is not damaged.
  • Oil – check the oil and ask when last did they service the vehicle.
  • Windscreen and Glass, and if fitted the quality of the safety film.
  • Excessive smoke when starting the vehicle -remember the higher the mileage of the vehicle, then there will be a requirement for additional maintenance in the future.
  • Modifications- Ask the dealer who worked on the vehicle and ensure that it was a reputable service centre.
  • Test Drive – Listen for engine noises when starting the vehicle and drive at least 40 – 50 km with the vehicle.
  • Finance – double-check, both your interest rate, add-ons and insurance – get comparative Finance and Insurance Quotes.
  • Double-check the 1st year of Registration – with special reference if the vehicle comes with a balance of service or motor plan.
  • If you are trading a Vehicle -Negotiate the Price – Do research before the time – this can make a big difference when you are busy with your final negotiations.
  • Remember – Its a Long term financial Commitment – and plan ahead with reference to your personal budget.
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Mobility-Online Welcomes Arnold Chatz Cars!

Mobility-Online is happy to announce that Arnold Chatz Cars has joined the Mobility-Online Platform! They provide high-quality and reliable pre-owned vehicles of different makes and models.
Arnold Chatz Cars is a family-owned business that operates in Gauteng and has been in business for over fifty years. In 1961, they started as an Alfa Romeo dealership in Krugersdorp and eventually moved on to Craighall in 1969 and started representing high-quality brands like Maserati, Renault, Fiat, Nissan and Alfa Romeo.
Today, Arnold Chatz Cars represents the Fiat, Alfa Romeo, Abarth, Jeep, Chrysler and Dodge brands in Hyde Park and Constantia Kloof. They are the current FCA dealer of the year – two years running – and endorse the strategy of customers first and personal engagement.
We feel honoured to have a dealership with such distinction and years of experience onboard. Our clients and buyers are our first priority and we’re happy to know that we have reputable dealerships like Arnold Chatz paving the way for our impeccable customer-services and products.
To find out more about Arnold Chatz Cars and their vehicles, please visit https://arnoldchatz.com/. For any information on how to buy or sell your car online, feel free to reach out to Mobility-Online. We look forward to helping you!